Sportswear company TRIO (USA) sponsors GB Maxis Womens 45+ team

19 May 2022
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19 May 2022 Sadie Mason
GB Maxibasketball is delighted to announce that Pittsburgh, USA-based sportswear company TRIO has sponsored the training uniforms for our Women’s 45+ team ahead of the FIMBA European Championships 2022 in Malaga and the World Championships 2023, USA.
At the start of Day 2 of their training weekend in Nottingham, our Women’s 45+ team and staff were greeted by a surprise presentation of a full training uniform in national colours, sponsored by the company.
Speaking about their motivation for sponsoring the team, here’s what the company had to say:
“Great Britain’s Maxi-Basketball Women’s ethos of excellence and achievement regardless of age, gender, or ethnic background complements the TRIO (USA) sports apparel brand exactly. For that reason TRIO (USA) is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the GB Maxi-basketball Women’s 45+ team’s training uniforms leading up to the 2022 European FIMBA Championships in Malaga, Spain, 24 June-3 July 2022.
TRIO company president Chuck Smith stated, “Having followed the career of Coach Jimmy “Jumpshot” Smith, formerly an outstanding college player in the US at Loyola Maryland, and the impact he has made as a coach and development officer in the UK at so many levels over the past 45 years, my partner, Dan and I felt this was a golden opportunity to promote our brand with this exciting new initiative in Women’s international basketball.
TRIO’s initials stand for, “That’s Right, It’s On!” based on a mindset of having been inspired and impassioned by your chosen sport, you must be committed and confident to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and realize your dreams by overcoming obstacles one by one. Our mission statement is, “We’re not just a brand – we’re an ATTITUDE!”
TRIO’S president Chuck Smith concluded, “TRIO brand is humbled and appreciative to sponsor and promote GB MAXI Women’s Basketball from here in the USA. TRIO would like to thank Sadie Mason, MBE and Coach Jimmy “Jumpshot’ Smith for this wonderful opportunity for both organizations to succeed together and inspire others.”
GB Maxis Women’s 45+ Head Coach, Jimmy Smith Head Coach, was ecstatic, and said: “TRIO, you guys are amazing! We will be taking this kit to Malaga and also using it for training ahead of the World Championship 2023 in Orlando. Thank You from Nottingham, UK, all the way to Pittsburgh. You’re amazing. ”
GB Maxi-Basketball programme director Sadie Mason, MBE said:
“On behalf of GB Maxis, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Chuck, Dan and the TRIO company for providing these training uniforms and staff shirts for our Women’s 45+ team. It’s really appreciated, particularly as the programme is self-funded by its participants, so anything that helps to reduce costs is very much welcomed. It means a lot to the players and staff, believe me.”
Check out this video clip to see the players and staff in the new UK camp training attire! 😀🏀🇬🇧 #ThankYouTrio #gbmaxis45s

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