GB Maxibasketball Men: Teams Confirmed for Argentina 2023

3 February 2023
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3 February 2023 Sadie Mason

With the completion of selection camps in January, GB Maxis officially confirmed their delegation for the World Maxibasketball Championship FIMBA – Mar Del Plata 2023.    Three men’s teams (M55+, M50+, and M40+ age categories) comprising ex-international and national league players will represent Great Britain on the South American continent for the first time at masters level. 

GB Maxis programme lead Jesse Sazant contacted players to confirm the final player selections in each age category, and we are now excited to share the team selection news.  A full roll call is detailed below , and you can check out the team selection videos on You Tube (just click on the team name below). 

GB Men 55+

Head Coach: Michael Martin, London

Asst. Player/Coach: Steven Bucknall,  London. ex. NBA, GB & England 

Alberto de Andrade, Leeds, Yorkshire            Alex Winter, Eastbourne, East Sussex 

Andrew McKella, London                                  Frazer Birch, Paisley, Glasgow

George Branch, Birmingham                          Jeremy Broadgate, Manchester 

Peter Rollins, London                                          Phil Pearce, Bucks

Mark Bradbury, Nuneaton                                 Phil Rose, Manchester

GB Men 50+

Head Coach: Stephen Barnes, Birmingham

Andrew Rowlands, Hampshire                         Dave Ashton, Swindon

Calvin Tarlton, London                                       Christopher Mark, London

Dave Mann, Preston                                            Keith Kelly, Oxford

Keith Pringle, London                                           Michael Embaye, Cheshire

Matthew Cunningham, USA                              Nigel Fisher, West Midlands

Steve Milham, Wiltshire

We are also delighted to reveal ‘the youngsters’ of the British delegation who will be representing Great Britain at the World Maxibasketball Championship FIMBA – Mar Del Plata 2023 in the Mens 40+ competition category. Led by Head Coach Jesse Sazant we are delighted to the selected players & staff.  The team sees the return of the European Championship 2022 medal winning trio of players from Birmingham, DOUAINE ANDERSON, ROBIN HALL and STEVE FOSTER, alongside ex-Scotland International guard SCOTT RUSSELL, plus teammates ACHO ANYIGBO and  MARK DENCHFIELD – also Malaga 2022 medal-winners. We are also delighted to see the inclusion of North Herts Knights 6’4 Forward NEIL BAKER (only just 45+ but keeping up with the young things!) and our former M35+ player, UCHE OFILI, who is graduating into the 40+ age bracket and bringing his Euro championship silver medal-winning experience with him! 

New to the team with first international call ups at this level are Preston Basketball Club’s ANDY THROWER, Derby’s GARY COLLINS, ex-Guildford Heat & London Towers DARRYL GHEERAWO and 6’4 Forward PAUL JESSOP. A special shout out to Nottingham’s MARK POYNTON, who is also looking forward to his first international coaching experience, assisting Head Coach Jesse Sazant. Check out the GB Maxis Men’s ‘Fab 40s’ line up, and in the video link below. 

GB Men 40+

Head Coach: Jesse Sazant, Kent and Asst. Coach: Mark Poynton, Nottingham

Acho Anyigbo, Tees Valley Mohawks                               Andy Thrower, Preston Basketball Club

Darryl Gheerawo, Kingston Wildcats                                Douaine Anderson, Birmingham

Gary Collins, Derby Trailblazers Masters                         Mark Denchfield, Erkenwald Basketball Club

Neil Baker, North Hertfordshire Knights                            Paul Jessop, Kent

Robin Hall, Birmingham (now Truro)                                Steve Foster,  Birmingham

Scott Russell, Falkirk Fury Basketball Club                       Uche Ofili, Cheshire

Congratulations to all our teams, and good luck in Argentina!

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