UK Coaching Week: focus on GB Maxis & Ireland U16 Womens Coach Andy Gill

10 June 2021
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10 June 2021 Sadie Mason

Today we are talking about coaching because 7-13 June is national UK COACHING WEEK 2021! Coaching is about people: great coaching changes lives and creates memorable experiences. This week we want to say a huge thank you to the basketball coaches out there, and especially our team of GB Maxibasketball coaches – we appreciate you all!

As we look forward to moving out of national lockdown, the focus of UK Coaching Week Day 4 is all about getting coaches back into coaching. So today we are spotlighting Team GB Maxis Women’s Coach ANDREW GILL who is resuming his international coaching career as Head Coach of Ireland U16 Women 🏀🇮🇪. Juggling his time between GB Maxis, work on the UK mainland and his home on the Emerald Isle, Andy has just named his initial 23-player squad in preparation for the FIBA European Challenge 2021 which will take place from August 9th-14th, with a host country still to be decided by FIBA. Speaking about his continuing appointment and the forthcoming FIBA event, Andy said:

“I have been head coach of Ireland U16 Women since 2013. We have continued to overachieve relative to our resources but that is also an indication of the unique character of Irish athletes. They are resilient, committed and will apply themselves 110% irrespective of the score on the scoreboard.

This year has been the most challenging for our young players whose development has been severely occluded with the really tight Covid-19 constraints that the Republic of Ireland has had to impose. We all felt that attending a European challenge event, whatever the restrictions, was worthwhile and this was supported by the players’ parents. We are going with no real pressure except that which we put upon ourselves. We will try to impose our high paced game on whoever we play and enjoy the chance to compete after such a long lay -off. I am certain the players will rise to the challenge”

Resilience and commitment is certainly something we value within the GB Maxibasketball programme. We echo those sentiments and wish Coach Andy and the Ireland U16 Women well at the forthcoming event. More on this at Basketball Ireland

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