Highlights from the GB MaxiBasketball Elite Women’s Training Camp #4

12 July 2021
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12 July 2021 Sadie Mason
Saturday 10 July saw women’s programme lead, CJ Lee, open our fourth elite women’s weekend training camp in Sheffield.  At the same time, the nation was gearing up for the appearance of England men’s football team in the Euro 2020 Final at Wembley. We won’t dwell on the result or the mindless racist abuse that followed on social media; we are simply against racism in all its forms.
51 players and 12 staff members were in attendance over the wekend. Strength & Conditioning Coach, Steve Reid, made his debut as the latest member to join our performance support team and we were especially pleased to welcome four players who had travelled from the United States to join this camp: Elaine Brechin-Montgomery (former Scottish Junior Internaitonal), Heather Henry (ex-Brixton Topcates and Spelthorne), Justine Allpress (ex-Northampton) and  Louise Cooke (ex-Spelthorne) and . It was a relaxed atmosphere, but a great learning environment for players and coaches alike; and it was good to see friendships circles forming or expanding with the introduction of new players and staff.
It’s now less than 12 months to the European Championships 2022 in Malaga. The GB Maxis women have three further open training and selection camps this year in September, October and November. These are open opportunities for new players to join the programme. It doesn’t matter if you just want to check us out, or you’re interested in selection to one of our GB teams, you are welcomed unconditionally. Our next women’s camp is SUN 5 SEPT and we are back in Brighton, so make a weekend of it! Come and enjoy the beach, as well as the Team GB maxibasketball experience.  In the meantime – check out the Camp 4 highlight reel! 😃🏀🇬🇧

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