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21 July 2021
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21 July 2021 Sadie Mason
This week’s player blog is penned by GB Maxis player, Nick Hamilton, formerly of professional basketball outfit Worthing Bears who were part of the top-flight British Basketball League from 1984 to 1999 (thereafter known as Brighton Bears until the club folded in 2006). He rather bravely decided to try his hand at online blogging: offering up quips and tales from days gone by, and those to come no doubt!
Anyway, his latest blog can be found on his website ‘The Bench Warmer’ in which he reflects on his time with Worthing Bears, which included appearances at the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena for Championship Play-Off & Cup Finals back in the day. He rather candidly describes his role back then as ‘the 11th-man on a 10-man team’ but his experiences he feels also highlight the importance of being a good bench (or team) player.
Now in his 50s, Nick has embarked on what has already been an ‘eventful’ journey with the Team GB Maxibasketball programme, to seek the international honours that eluded him in his earlier playing days. You will get a flavour of what’s to come as he begins his blog as follows:
“I have a letter, on Basketball England headed paper that states that I am an ‘elite athlete’. It’s going to be framed and displayed somewhere prominent in the house (probably the garage/man cave). Not bad for a 50 year old man with 75 year old knees!”
We did chuckle at that opener, but having read about the injury setbacks he has had, we are rooting for Nick to return to camp as soon as possible – not just to show the coaches his ‘A’-game – but also so he can gather some material for his next blog! Seriously though Nick, we wish you a speedy recovery and a safe holiday in August. 😃🏀🇬🇧
You can enjoy reading his full blog by following the link below –

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