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11 November 2021
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11 November 2021 Sadie Mason

GB Maxibasketball is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sterosport – a division of Steroplast Healthcare, who will be supporting the medical needs of the GB Maxis teams participating in the FIMBA European Championship 2022, in Malaga.

As a governing body recognised national performance programme, GB Maxis works to ensure its players are medically cleared and physically prepared to participate in international competition, but we know injuries can happen and we know that fatigue will kick in the further along the tournament teams progress – so maintenance is required! That’s why this partnership with Sterosport is so vital to helping the teams to continue to perform safely on court. They will be providing the sports therapy supplies to our performance support team, and they will also have access to ongoing injury rehabilitation training courses that will benefit our therapists personal development, as well as the GB Maxibasketball performance support programme overall.

We asked Andrew Watson, Head of Business Development (Sport) at Sterosport, about their decision to support a national maxibasketball programme. Andrew said:

“It’s fantastic to be able to support GB Maxibasketball with the medical items required for their participation at the European Championships in Spain in 2022. As a nationally recognised programme, GB Maxibasketball have a clear focus on quality and performance, and we’re delighted to be able to support the GB Maxibasketball Physios and medical team with the equipment required to ensure the teams can perform and be prepared for emergencies.”

Speaking about the new partnership, GB Maxis’ Head of Performance Support, Mark Dayson, MCSP Sport.D, said:

“The partnership between GB Maxi Basketball and Sterosport is a very exciting development. The new relationship will enable our team of therapists to utilise all their skills and be fully supplied whilst on National Team duties overseas.  It is a significant step forward as we work toward the European Championships next year.  We hope the partnership will thrive in the coming years.”

About Steroplast Healthcare and Sterosport

Sterosport was established in early 2019, a division of Steroplast Healthcare dedicated to supporting the sports community.  Here’s what they’ve got to offer:

“Whether you are a sports participant, a club, a first aider, physio, or a medic, we have got your back! Sterosport has a wide range of quality products ideal for you. Our sports first aid products, tapes, strappings, equipment, and disposables can help you, your team or your customers turn a setback into a comeback.

We take a unique approach to our work within the sports sector. Building partnerships within communities with the goal to use sport to help keep people moving. Through consultation, we try to understand the needs of those who provide sport and those treating sports injuries. We assist sporting organisations to operate more efficiently through a more coordinated approach to first aid and medical requirements. Using this unique approach, we can then provide the right products, in the right way, and help improve performance.”

Your team could be our next partner and benefit from discount pricing, personal service and quality medical products developed to the highest standards in healthcare. Find out more and get in touch to discuss how Sterosport could work in partnership with your team –

For more information, please contact Andrew Watson on 0800 978 8301 or email


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